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Thought Leadership Writing Service and Content Development For Entrepreneurs

Thought Leadership Content Development

I exist to help you create content magic so your ideas can spread like wildfire!

This is you:

  • You have a million ideas but no time to write them.
  • You are a thought leader in your niche, and you want to showcase your knowledge through Guest Blogs on Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, Crazy Egg, and others.
  • However, you'd rather spend your time doing what you know how to do best, "being an expert," than writing these articles yourself.
  • You have these mind-blowing ideas for your podcast and YouTube videos, but you need help writing them.
  • You don't have time to write articles for Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Business Insider (or even short posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). And you certainly don't want to spend hours creating content for your email newsletter—you just want it done so that you can focus on running your business.
  • You are looking for someone who can write about your company or personal brand as if it was their own. Someone who can take an idea or concept and turn it into an engaging article that will get readers excited about what you do or who you are.

You need help… no, a doppelganger who'll write in your voice and say the things you say.

Well, look no further because your doppelganger is here!

I've worked with entrepreneurs who have built multi-million dollar companies from scratch, and now they have time to focus on their passion – being the best in their fields. I have developed my Content Alchemy process over the years to create engaging, actionable, and in alignment with their voice. It’s based on years of research into what makes content work and my experience writing for major brands like Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and others who consistently produce great content. I have just one goal here: To help you build credibility as an expert by showcasing your expertise through quality content. You know what you do, but does the world know? It's time to start giving your audience a glimpse of your inner genius. The best way to do that is with thought leadership articles and short posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I will write scripts for your podcast and email newsletters that get opened every time.

What you'll get with this service

Thought Leadership Articles for Forbes, Entrepreneur, business insider, etc.:

I've written over 100 blog posts and articles for popular magazines on various topics over the last five years. I know their style guide and requirements by heart, and I understand the assignment. I'll work with your brief and ensure that it meets the topic, tone, and style guidelines of Forbes/Entrepreneur/Business Insider and others. My specialty topics include Digital Marketing, Personal Finance, Business Development, Sales, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology.

Email Newsletters for your personal brand

A weekly, personalized email newsletter sent to your prospects and customers. It will become a valuable resource in their inbox, helping them learn more about you and what you offer. Sending out monthly or weekly newsletters is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers and strengthen their loyalty to you or your company. It will keep them up-to-date with your company news, but it will also help build trust and loyalty because they feel like they know what’s going on at all times, which is important when dealing with clients or customers. The beauty of this service is that I can create content for you that fits whatever industry or niche you're operating in, so you can rest assured that the content is relevant and interesting.

Short Posts for LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter for your personal brand

I know what works on social media, and I understand the assignment. I will write you up to 30 posts as needed, with images and infographics. We can discuss what type of content you are looking for and then write it up based on the information that you provide me with. All writing will be original work by me, and you will retain full copyright to all content submitted.

Scripts for your podcast and YouTube videos

I understand that creating a podcast can be a daunting task. You’re not just creating content but creating an entire show. I will work with you to create scripts that fit your brand, personality, and goals, help you develop a story arc for your podcast or YouTube channel, and make sure it matches the feel of your brand.

● Scripts for your podcast and YouTube videos

● Custom research on a topic of your choosing

● Interview questions based on your script

My Winning Content Alchemy Process

Remember the four elements of nature? That’s what the winning formula is based on

The Earth element

This is the foundation of the process, the raw material that I use to create content. It can be an idea, story, or problem you want to explore. Sometimes it’s a question that your audiences need to be answered.

The Water element

I distill the raw material into something tangible and useful for your audience. This is where we explore your topic and find out what makes it stand out from other topics on a similar subject. We also look at what makes it interesting to people and how it can help them achieve their goals.

The Air element

This is where I refine my findings into something more meaningful and digestible for your readership ꟷ, something unique and engaging. Here, I make your ideas come alive through storytelling and visualization. I'll also help you structure your ideas so they flow together to make

The Fire element

The end result of our work together is a piece of writing that will attract readers and inspire them to take action. It's not just any piece of writing, though - it's a piece that's been crafted specifically for you and your audience so they'll enjoy reading it, share it with friends and colleagues, and remember how much they love you afterward!
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