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I boost Brands and Startups’ visibility in the saturated market through storytelling copywriting and highly effective content marketing strategy

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What Content quest are you on today?

A professional copywriter that can dive deep into your target audience’s psychology and compel them to take the much-needed action?


Looking for an expert content marketer that will boost your brand’s awareness, establish your brand, introduce the product, nurture your existing audience, or capture your target audience?


A storyteller to bring your brand’s idea to life, attract your prospects, and convert it into the next significant money stream?


A product description that’ll skyrocket your sales by 1000%, even though you’re just getting started?


Supposing you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions above. In that case, you need a professional copywriter and expert content marketer who understands business, social media, and the consumers’ behavior to create fantastic and superstar content and marketing copies for you.

Luckily, I fit this bill to a tee!

I've worked with many reputable websites over the years to generate leads and drive engagement. I have also helped many verifiable brands to develop copies that converted and generated sales.

The Process






Positive Feedbacks


Projects Completed


Here are what my clients are saying
“Brilliant copywriter. Goodness Provided outstanding copies, which struck exactly the right note for a tricky audience. Excellent understanding of sales, marketing and business development. Cannot recommend highly enough.”
Dr. Omolola Salako

“Finding the right creative copywriter was a challenge until I met Goodness. She expressed my creativity, personality, and the essence of my business so effortlessly. She’s an excellent team player, and result oriented, and a skilled writer. I’ll definitely hire her again.”

Louis Sandler

CBD Brand

” Goodness has such a unique and professional writing style and I would highly recommend her to any organization. She managed my content marketing campaign so well and has written me several pieces of content which reached high levels of engagement. I’m glad I hired her services for my project.”
Trisha Chapman

How it Works

The PDR Technique

P: Prioritizing Your Needs.

When you contact me for your project, I’ll first take your site or brand into consideration. This research includes looking into your website and going through your pages to feel what you do. I will understand your brand’s USP in this research, which is very instrumental in content marketing. I will research your competitors: what they are doing and how they are doing it, the structure of their contents, and the edge they have over your website. Then I move on to researching your audience and understanding their needs.


D: Driving Engagement

Of the many factors that will determine the engagement on your site, content is perhaps most essential. The aim here is to reduce the bounce rate to at least 1% and generate leads in whatever form you need.

If you need keywords in the content for SEO purposes, I’m up for the game. I’ll spread the keywords naturally through the content so that it wouldn’t sound robotic to your audience and still rank high in search indexes.

R: Reaching Results

As aptly named, this is the stage where we get the results you so much desire. We’ve done a whole lot of work in the PD processes. It’s time to get the Party Started.


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Prioritizing Prospects. Driving Engagement. Reaching Results

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