It’s no fun to spend a decade on a single article. When you have a daily target to reach and work to go, you have to develop a speedy mentality. 

Writing fast doesn’t mean trading value for speed.  Some writers would spend no more than 30 minutes writing this article. Yet, they would still produce great content. Writing fast is a craft that you can spend some time perfecting.  

The best part is that it’s super simple to write fast. With the right tips, anyone can do it. If you want to learn how to do so, I have six expert tips to get you out of that tardy box without losing quality. 

Spend Enough Time on Research

Proper and thorough research makes writing any piece easier in terms of content.  You won’t have to glance at the blank screen for hours and get stuck along the line. The ideas keep flowing in as you keep writing as you’re already conversant with the subject during your research. Remember, words are an expression of the ideas you already know.

The upside is that most readers like well-researched content. It’s easier to trust and reference. 

For many content creators, researching a topic takes half of their writing time. We recommend that you capture the most important ideas and sieve out the unimportant ones. That way, you can reduce your time in research and write faster.

Don’t forget your jotting pad

You’ll be wasting your time and resources spent in researching a topic if you don’t jot down key pointers. It’s important to jot down the most important ideas in your notepad or Evernote as you research. This will come in handy during your writing and makes it a straightforward process.

Documenting those ideas before you start writing can save time in the end.  How does it work? Develop your documented ideas as they occur to you and get the hang of word count. You can also write down phrases you need to start a sentence or end it. This gives you a better picture of what your work will look like at the end.

By doing so, you will know what to write next and where you will conclude. And when you are ready to write, you will have all you need to pull it off. 

Flee from Distractions

Did you know that it’s easier to do anything faster when you set your mind and focus solely on it? If you can flee from distractions and commit to 30 minutes of writing or more, you will be shocked by how much you will accomplish.

Take a sit, get your writing materials ready, and set the timer to the amount of time you wish to dedicate to the work. Or, this works for me better: don’t get up until you’re done writing. Turn off all the chat apps on your phone and focus on your writing during that time. Use your web browser only when you want to research a topic. 

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, do whatever it takes to nurture your writing speed. 

Set a Writing Time

When you want to write fast and time is limited, you have to be tactical. In the previous session, we eliminated distractions.  

My advice: timing your writing session can help a great deal.

Here  are the things you should ask yourself when setting a writing time:

  • How long will it take me to write it? 30 minutes? 50 minutes? One hour?
  • How many breaks will I take? Fifteen-minute break? Thirty minute-break? 

Set a goal to pull off five hundred words in thirty minutes. During this period, do not delve into research, editing or disrupt your writing flow unless it’s urgent. Just keep writing. 

You should get up and stretch every now and then. We don’t want body pains and cranks. Do you?. 

 The upside is that it’s hard to procrastinate or waste time when you’re aware of every passing minute. 

Discover your Writing Space

When it comes to writing, the environment is everything. If your goal is to write fast, you should pay even more attention to it.  Will you write in a café?  A quiet bedroom?  A particular corner of the room? A public space?

Wherever you decide to write, it should be a place where you can focus on writing for a long duration. 

Here are what will help you decide if you are in a good writing space:

  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • Does the spot add to your inspiration, or do you feel restless?
  • Do you write better in a super quiet place or noisome one?

I recommend that you make a place based on your preferences. I love writing at home and I shuttle between my reading table and balcony, depending on what the mood or day calls for. But make sure that your writing table contains materials that would encourage writing better and faster.  

Conciseness is the key

If you want to finish your content fast, you need to get used to conciseness. Don’t feel like your work will lose value either. Do not fill it up with vague words and sentences that will not only waste your time but waste your reader’s time also. Don’t leave the writing shallow either. Give as much info or as little info it deserves depending on what you’re writing about.

 Eliminate wordiness and make sure every word holds quality.   


The next time someone challenges you with the question: “How do you write so fast and yet deliver great content?” You can now tell them: “Oh, it’s simple. I set a timer and get rid of distractions. Most importantly, I don’t spend so much time with research and jot down my ideas.” 

Those expert tips are what you need to write fast. I hope you enjoyed the article.

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