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an infographic showing best content writing tools for 2021
Top 9 Content writing tools infographic


How do you make your content writing process a fun activity for you?

It’s no longer all about hard work these days. 

You read that right.

Gone are the days we must do everything the traditional way: tapping the typewriter so hard to stamp the ink on the other key’s other end. Ouch, that gave me a headache just thinking about it.


We evolved to the keyboard days where you don’t have to go through that stress anymore. Just touch the keys lightly and see the letters appear on the screen like summoning a fairy with a whisper. Talk about smart work.


This is what it’s like today in the content writing world. We evolved from the times of analog to digital. There are many ways and tools to make our work easier. They range from idea generation tools to proofreading and editing tools, along with headline generators. 


And today, we’ll discuss the ultimate 9 content writing tools that will help you write five-star content that resonates in 2021.


Content Writing Tools for 2021




Do you always know what to write? Or, are there too many ideas you don’t know where to start from? Ideaflip is designed for brainstorming ideas and developing them visually. It makes brainstorming a fun process as you don’t just brainstorm on a white blank but create visually stunning ideas that speak to you immediately. 

Ideaflip is a tool for content writing that gives you a visual, interactive atmosphere that allows you to write down, adjust, and develop your ideas. The interface is designed to eliminate visual limitations. Therefore, you will do whatever will help you make the best choice and make your ideas tangible.




“To write is human; to edit is divine.”

You are not done writing until you’ve edited your work.

Writing is generally not such a difficult task. However, we can’t say the same about producing error-free content with low sentence constriction and free from plagiarism.

This is where Grammarly comes in.


Grammarly is a proofreading tool that makes writeups very readable, corrects every spelling and grammatical error, optimize the content, and detects similarities with other web pages. Grammarly is a content writing tool you can’t do without as it saves you a lot of time and makes your work clean.


The website works across all devices. It has a chrome extension that edits your writings across all websites. You can also download the Grammarly keyboard and use it for error-free typing on your mobile device. However, you need to create an account on the Grammarly website and log in to your account, to run a plagiarism check.


Calmly Writer 


The obvious choice for writing is Microsoft word and google docs. These are great apps indeed. However, sometimes, you may need a more streamlined and easy tool, which allows you to focus solely on writing. Calmly Writer has got you covered.

Calmly Writer is a free online tool that helps you to write distraction-free. It 


Although this tool only provides the most straightforward content writing mechanism, such as adding various subheadings, links, and quotes, it is just what you want at a particular time that will appear on the screen. For example, the “Focus Mode” takes away everything on the screen except the paragraph you are working on by making the rest blurry.




Do you want to convert texts to HTML or copy them from WordPress, Goggle Docs, or Word without adjusting the format? StackEdit was made just for you. This is an in-browser markdown editor designed for web columnists. It comes with many themes, structures, and shortcut combinations to make your content unique.

Furthermore, it comes with spellcheck that works in many languages. You can synchronize the tool with Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also post articles on WordPress, Dropbox, Tumblr in a markdown format, HTML using StackEdit.

The editor can function offline, too, so you don’t have to worry about a stable internet connection or access.




Unicheck helps you achieve authenticity rather than just stating similarities. Formerly known as Unplag, the tool works in a unique way to prevent plagiarism. It scans submitted files fast, across a real-time web index. 

It checks your file against several documents, journals stored on your device, and the internet. Unicheck is of great help to content writers because it helps address one of the fundamental issues with writing, plagiarism. It allows students, journalists, content creators to avoid plagiarism by comparing two or more documents against each other.

It highlights any part of your document plagiarized and generates a report that includes links to the plagiarized manuscript. These links will assist you in locating portions of the text that needs to be adjusted immediately.




Ubbersuggest gives you great topic ideas through keyword research. It can help you in finding content ideas that will command the attention of your audience. It functions by broadening the seed keyword through suggestions from Goggle suggest and Goggle Ads Keyword Planner.

Sometimes, Ubersuggest outcomes include keyword ideas that can be used as titles of contents right from the start. They are referred to as “long-tail” keywords that comprise three or more terms in them. If you only want this kind of keyword in your search results, you can prioritize them in your search. It also helps you plan your SEO and effective content strategy for marketing purposes.


All you need to do is click the small down arrow next to the “Keyword” column. Hence, Ubersuggest will provide you with endless possibilities of content ideas.




Awario is a unique tool for content writing that allows you to monitor and listen to conversations online. With such information in hand, you can generate contents that will get a more pleasant reception from the audience online. It will help rectify any error you are making with your content.

The feedback from users is the best way to improve your content for a broader range of audiences. Furthermore, the tool will help you circumvent surveys and messenger bots and get insight from the source. This information will help you develop a better user experience for visitors to your blog or website.


Google Docs 


Lots of content marketers use Google Docs nowadays because it is the most widely available and free content sharing tool of its kind. The cloud-based document editing tool permits multiple users to work in one document seamlessly. Google Docs comes with all the features you will need from a word processor.

You can customize your fonts, create bulleted lists, insert tables, include images, and make comments on some parts of the document. Google Docs permits users to share a file quickly. The file is transmitted through the “share” button located in the screen’s top-right corner.

Furthermore, you can specify the access privileges of those who get the link to your document. Users can suggest the documents to streamline the editing process. This empowers content marketing crews to work together on content in real-time.




Slack is perhaps the most popular of them all for businesses, marketers, and teams when it comes to collaboration tools. Its user-friendly interface and fun atmosphere permit users to share images, documents, memes, and videos. Slack is created to replace conventional email communication.

It brings value to the firm’s management as you can keep track of your employees to see what they are logging in and logging out. This enables communication among all departments within the firm. Slack makes it easier for collaboration across the department and ensures that each piece of content to go through the right channel.

This saves time and quickens the content creation process.



In the modern marketing campaign, content marketers need to have vast knowledge to do their jobs effectively. Content is the bedrock of any digital marketing strategy. The secret ingredient that will assist you in building your brand in the digital world.


However, these tools listed here can give you the edge you need in a competitive world. Hence, they will help you make a difference. They will also help you come up with new ideas, designs, and infographics. You will save a lot of time, which means you can focus on your content’s quality.

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