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The demand for content is on a steady increase in the business world today. According to the research carried out by DemandGen in 2015, about 75% of buyers rely on contents as their preferred research tool when making decisions on things to buy. Thus if you are looking to increase your sales and overall profit, you need to take content marketing seriously.




A vital aspect of content marketing is its strategy. Content strategy embodies the plan that determines the conception and delivery of suitable content for a targeted audience. Having a solid and vibrant content strategy is important to the content marketing process of any business.


This article will discuss some tips and hints for creating an ideal content strategy that will help you increase your sales and profit results. You will benefit from this article if you are a content marketer, sales executive or business owner.



Content Strategy Tips that Would Skyrocket your Results


The following are content strategy tips that have worked for numerous brands around the world. While your business may be different from theirs, you can adopt the strategy used to achieve similar or even superlative results.



Create More Landing Pages with Specific Targets


One of the ways of increasing your sales is increasing the number of engagements that your contents pull in. Landing pages help you do this by generating leads to your business page. What then do you think will happen if you have more landing pages for targeted keywords? Yes, you guessed right. More engagements and leads!


This approach is not new in content marketing. Nuffield Health, a health service provider, witnessed a 60% upsurge in their revenue after the business optimized their landing pages with the appropriate keywords. The key behind the success is not the optimization or creation of new landing pages; it is the creation or optimization in tandem with the right keywords.


So if you want to increase your profit as Nuffield Health did, consider creating and optimizing your landing pages with suitable keywords.



Market Segmentation


You need to divide your audience into different segments based on their phase in the purchasing cycle. This step is very important when it comes to content creation for marketing purposes. Here is why; do you think content created to create awareness will have the desired effect on loyal customers? I thought as much. No, it won’t.


Therefore, segmenting your audience will help you create content that speaks directly to the audience based on their personas. Active and loyal buyers will get content that speaks to them, while new customers and unconverted leads will also get theirs.



Confirming this theory, a study done by E-marketer showed that 39% of email marketers that segment their email lists achieved better open rates, while 28% of them reported increased revenue.



Use Adaptive Content to Attract Millennials



Millennials are the generation of young people around the world today. According to economic research, this group of people are the largest and most diverse population in the world. Hence, there is hardly any business today that doesn’t have millennials among its target audience.



Due to the technological advancement around them, millennials value creativity and flexibility, and these values influence their purchasing decisions. Hence, you need content that speaks and reeks of creativity.



Moreover, your brand must adopt a flexible service system if you are to appeal to this generation of buyers. Wondering if your service system is flexible? Answer this question. Can your customers access your contents on a desktop computer, continue reading where they stopped on their mobile phones and complete the buying process through a mobile app? Your answer will determine whether or not you have a flexible service system.



Regardless of your answer, you should get one as Luxury Daily, also confirms that 48% of their buyers prefer shopping online.



Start Small. Grow Big



An average business wants to generate thousands of clicks and leads through its contents as early as possible. Not to dampen your spirit, it is very unlikely that you will hit the ‘thousand clicks’ bar in your first few months. Do not despair, that’s perfectly normal.



What you should do is start small by setting small, realistic and measurable target goals. Set 100 for your first month. Create very interesting and engaging contents that are so good that your readers will share will their friends. This is how to build a vibrant reader and customer base using your content.


If you are using an email marketing approach, you can also approach this method. Start with about 5 subscribers. From thereon, work on your content and try to build more audience and subscribers.



Test and Measure


One of the ways through which you can increase the efficacy of your content in attracting new customers is through testing. You need to test your content before putting them out and measure their result when they are out.


Split A/B testing is an important system for testing contents for conversion rates. This system helps you determine the type of content that works best for your audience. It helps you understand the most appropriate type of CTA, headlines and other parts of the content that your audience likes.



As a result, split A/B testing helps you increase the conversion rates of your content. According to marketing research by AdPushUp, conversion rates usually range between 1% and 3%. Thus if you wish to increase your conversion rates, split A/B testing is the way to go.


It is, however, important to state that you should not limit the testing to desktop users only. Extend the testing to mobile users. As stated in statistics generated by the Digital Buzz blog, about 90% of the world’s population uses a mobile phone, while 72% of tablet owners buy products from their devices. Thus, you don’t want to miss out on this population of buyers.



Start from your Locality



With the introduction of the internet and digital marketing, most brands and businesses seek to build a global customer base like the big names in each industry have. While this is not a bad thing, most businesses are going about it the wrong way. You need to build your customer base from your locality.


According to Bright Local, 97% of buyers use the internet to search for products and services within their locality.  Also, LocalVox discovered that 43% of the web searches for products and services include a local keyword.  The study further showed that 86% of these searches led to a call to the service provider or a visit to their physical office. 



Thus, you need to build your local base before expanding to the global scene. As a result, the contents churned out should reflect this approach. Create contents that are adaptive and reflective of your locality, in a bid to draw customers in.



You can learn from Hauser Ross, a company that tried this tip by optimizing its SEO approaches for locational keywords and claiming its business on Google Maps. This optimization led to an incredible 333% increase in profit.



Key into Emotions


One of the ways of creating content that speak to your readers is to key into their emotions. You can do this by using emotional headlines or keywords.


Humans are emotional beings; hence, it makes sense that a large part of their buying decisions is based on emotions.


Research shows that 95% of buyers make purchases based on their emotions.  Thus, keying into your customers’ emotions is a sure way of increasing your sales and profit margin. Apart from increasing your profit margin, creating emotional content can inspire readers and lead them to share with their friends.


These benefits show that emotional keywords and headlines will go a long way in helping you achieve the customer base expansion and increased sales that you crave.



Use Your Passion to Create Quality Content


As a content writer, there are times when you feel like you are not good enough. This feeling becomes seemingly true when your content does not generate the required response from customers. However, it is normal to feel this way. We all have our good days and bad days.


What you need to do is use your passion to fuel the quality of your content. What does this mean? We all know that adequate practice makes one perfect. It is when you put consistent effort into creating content that you will start seeing improvements in its quality.


This is where your passion comes in. your passion for interesting and engaging content leads you to try repeatedly to produce quality content. Your passion ensures that you look out for comments on the quality and make amends where necessary.


The final tip for creating a perfect content strategy is to remember that your contents and the strategy used in creating them are useless if it doesn’t answer or solve your customer’s challenges. Your content may be engaging. Interesting and free of errors, but as long as they don’t answer the yearnings of your customers, they end up being another content on the internet.





We have established the importance of content marketing in the business world today. Similarly, you now understand that an effective content marketing campaign requires a content strategy.


These are important, tested and trusted content strategy tips that can help you increase your customer base and profit margin. Following these tips will go a long way in ensuring that your content marketing campaign is a success. 



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