• Gain more engaged visitors.
  • Transform them into loyal customers.
  • Generate leads with conversion-driven copywriting.
  • Make massive sales and Build Your Brand Authority.

Result-driven Perfectionist Copywriting Formula to grow your business and make your brand stand out in an ever-growing competitive digital world.

Do you want your prospects to recognize the value of your products and services so that they can buy with confidence?
Are you a startup that wants to convert more people into customers, even though that looks like empty hope currently?

Hey, it’s okay. Just breathe

It’s time to fix that.

Hi! I'm Goodness

Let’s make your audience fall in love with your business, product, and brand.

- Have you ever wished you could get the magical white-hat, result-driven, and effective copywriting formula that did the magic for brands like Crazy Egg, Semrush, and Ecquire on speed dial?
- What if you could transform your visitors into loyal customers — get better leads and more sales—without sacrificing the quality of your content?
- What if you could convey all your target audience's emotions the way they are, employ them in your copy, and make them fall in love with your brand?
Who doesn’t want people to drool over their content and even share them? You want that, right?
Your rivals are making waves out there, and you don’t get how to do it. And here’s the thing, you want something beautiful as such too but with even better results. Unfortunately, you can’t help yourself, and you’re wondering if you can ever get these secret wishes and deep desires. Then you hear how a copywriter can help you out, and you’re here today. You may have invested in wannabe copywriters in the past and didn't get the result you wished for. You know, copywriting sounds a lot easier to the ears than getting results with it. So, they promise faster returns, but because they don’t understand how it works, it ends up a mess… ouch. Sorry about that.

Hi! I'm Goodness

Let’s make your audience fall in love with your business, product, and brand.
I’m here to create converting copy for your brand and turn your underperforming web content and sales sequences into slick lead-generating machines. I offer a range of services from creative consulting to complete website content overhauls to killer sales copy and landing pages that convert like crazy! I listen carefully to your goals, then dig deep into your audience, offering fresh insights and new ideas to take your business to the next level. If you’re running a business and have a website, but you’re not getting the sales, leads, and engagement from your audience, you might be selling to the wrong audience or using the wrong copy for your product or service. The key to great copy is understanding your audience: what do they want and need? What are their pain points? And that's where I come in.
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I’m here
for you.

I’m Goodness Somtochukwu Odiaka, a perfectionist conversion copywriter and direct response copywriter, who helps you uncover the issues holding you back from generating leads and sales with your website, blog, email sequences, and sales pages. I help you create compelling calls-to-action that inspire people to act immediately, increase the number of click-throughs your offers generate, and boost how much people respond to your sales emails. If you're looking for a copywriter that gets it, then I'm your girl. Whether you have problems with your sales pages, website content, or email marketing campaigns, I can help. I've worked with companies in a variety of industries for different brands: SaaS brands, Tech Companies, Marketing Agencies, Coaches, real estate, tech… you name it! And I've helped them all fix their copy so they can start making more sales online. When you work with me, I will give you a clear roadmap of all the steps needed to show you exactly what needs fixing, why it prevents you from getting results, and how to fix it. Within weeks of working together, you will generate leads and close sales like never before! All you need to do is let me know what you desire and sit back with a relaxing cup of coffee while I mix the ingredients for the converting copywriting recipe.

“Goodness, how can you help me now?”




Why work with a Copywriter on Quest for Results?

Your Business is not a joke, right?

You’re in the business of seriously making things happen, and you can’t afford to waste money on “well-meaning” but ineffective pieces and have just another load of jargon on your pages. You need a copywriter with the experience, creativity, and insight to help you generate a steady stream of revenue from your website. An experienced perfectionist, a results-driven copywriter who’s invested thousands of dollars and hours in ongoing training and peer critique, so your marketing copy stands head and shoulders above your competitors' ineffectiveness.

Here’s the recipe for my success

#1 Copywriter + Marketer: These days, most copywriters either don’t have marketing experience or are marketers who don’t know how to write sales copy well. That means your sales copy won’t speak to your ideal customers like it should, and it won’t reach as many of them as possible. So you lose out on potential sales opportunities.
#2 Results-driven: Good marketing should always be about getting results — and those results should be measurable. If you can’t measure the impact of your marketing efforts with numbers, then what are we here for?
#3 I’ve already done my homework for you by studying not only the latest copywriting best practices and strategies but also the psychology behind why people buy, how they make decisions, how they perceive value, and how they feel about themselves. I know what appeals to your target audience, and I know how to present your product or service in a way that builds trust and leads to sales.

Your Business is not a joke, right?

Dr. Omolola Salako

“Brilliant copywriter. Goodness Provided outstanding copies, which struck exactly the right note for a tricky audience. Excellent understanding of sales, marketing and business development. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Louis Sandler CBD Brand

“Finding the right creative copywriter was a challenge until I met Goodness. She expressed my creativity, personality, and the essence of my business so effortlessly. She's an excellent team player, and result oriented, and a skilled writer. I'll definitely hire her again.”

Trisha Chapman ImpressiveCV.com

" Goodness has such a unique and professional writing style and I would highly recommend her to any organization. She managed my content marketing campaign so well and has written me several pieces of content which reached high levels of engagement. I'm glad I hired her services for my project."

    Let’s make your audience fall in love with your business, product, and brand.

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